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Transformer core cut to length machine

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Product Description

Transformer core cut to length line

Fast speed of Transformer core cut to length machine with Delta systems

This equipment can complete automatic production of the
silicon steel laminations iron core various shape,parallelogram,
both straight&mitred cutting,punching,V-shape,and other step-adjust function.
for transformer or reactors automatically.

JN-4003V NC V Notch Transformer Core Cutting Machine

Trapezoid&V Notch cutting:
Speed:25-40 piece per minute
Straight Cutting length 500mm ,60 pieces per minute

Thickness of Plate:0.23-0.5mm
Width of Plate:40-400mm can adjust freely,and order as per customer requirement
Cutting precision:+-0.2mm
Cutting burr height:Max0.03mm
Cutting angle precision:Max 0.03degrees

Cutting speed(m/min):2000-20 0000 second per pulse and can freely adjust according
to the feeding length.

Process length:  Straight angle: 1-90000000,mitred angle:300-90000000
Feeding speed:1-80 times per minute and can adjust freely.
Knife service life:
More than 1.2 million times before grinding,and more than 20 grindings.

Control System
Delta PLC40EH touch screen
Location style:center location
Installed capacity:16.5Kw
Rated capacity:4.5Kw


Payment Terms︰ T/T,LC

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cut to length linecut to length line

transformer coretransformer core

core cutting machinecore cutting machine

transformer core cuttingtransformer core cutting

Transformer core cutting machineTransformer core cutting machine

Transformer core step lapTransformer core step lap