High pressure polyurethane casting machine

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Product Description


High pressure polyurethane casting machine,High pressure polyurethane injection machine


Mixing head

1. Using new type mixing means, mixing evenly, no bubble.

Metering unit

1. High precision metering pumps; Promise or frequency control system;

2. Speed ratio more convenient. Precision error ≤±1%

3. Using hot oil circulation termostat agency. Material temperature more accurate, Temperature error<±2ºC


1. Designed non-return device for elastomer perfusion

2. LXCPU series polyurethane elastomer casting machine, with vacuum degasser

Electrical control system

1. Fully controlled by SCM (Single Chip Microcomputer)

2. Using PCL touch screen computer. Temperature, pressure, revolving speed display system.

3. Alarm function with acoustic warning

Machine features:

1.Adopting three layer storage tank, stainless steel liner, sandwich type heating, outer wrapped with insulation layer, temperature adjustable, safe and energy saving;

2.Adding material sample test system, which can be switched freely without affecting normal production, saves time and material;

3.Low speed high precision metering pump, accurate ratio, random error within ±0.5%;

4.Material flow rate and presure adjusted by converter motor with variable frequency regulation, high accuracy, simple and rapid ration adjusting;

5.High-performance mixed device, accurately synchronous materials output, even mixture. New leakproof structure, cold water cycle interface reserved to ensure no blockage during long downtime;

6.Adopting PLC and touch screen man-machine interface to control the injection, automatic cleaning and air flush, stable performance, high operability, automatically distinguish, diagnose and alarm abnormal situation, display abnormal factors;

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