Straight core cutting machine

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Step lap core cutting machine

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3D unicore machine

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Located in Cangzhou Xianxian development zone,Hebei Province, China, covered with 28771 square meters, with building area 7848 square meter, we are State- focused high technique enterprise that develop and manufacture the CNC Transformer core cutting machine , CRGO lamination cut to length device,3D Unicore machine, CRGO slitting machine etc.

We are the agent of MITSUBISHI,SIEMENS,OMRON,DELTA and other imported converter, PLC, Text display, man-machine interface.

About Main Products

We developed by ourselves the product of:

JN2002/3002/3003/4003/5003/6003/8003 core cutting machine series:

JN3002(S)- CNC CRGO lamination straight core cutting machining( straight cut)

JN5003-CNC transformer mitered core cutting machine

JN5003C-CNC transformer core stack core cutting machine

JN5003VC-CNC transformer core V notch core cutting machine (swing shear)

JN5003DS Full Automatic CRGO cut to length line (two cuts, two punches) (export type)

JN-500Z CNC Center limb core cutting machine

JN-500EI  CNC E,I core cutting machine

JN-400U CNC 3D Unicore machine

JN-3002B Multi-hole punching machine

JN-1500  stainless steel, Al steel, and other sheet shear machine

The machine functions to cut the CRGO laminations, V-notches, 90&45, any degree mitered, single or multi-holing, punching, step lab design, and customize different shape according to drawings for the transformer, reactor and electrical industry.

CRGO Slitting machine

CNC foil winding machine

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